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Lesa Worsley
Lesa Worsley
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My large dog loves it he is in it quite a bit during the day. Bought him one because he was trying to sleep in my little dogs bed just like the one I just bought but made for a small dog
Pauline Porter
Pauline Porter
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I received this today and my dog absolutely loves it! It's very soft and fluffy and perfect for my senior dog. I am planning on buying another one for our bedroom.
Cheryl Gilmer
Cheryl Gilmer
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Amazing quality. Cute. My cat is really loving it. Placed him in there and he started purring and flicking his tail up and down lol. He’s content.
Karen Jones
Karen Jones
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Our girl loves this!! She has chewed up other flat beds and seems just as happy sleeping on the hardwood floor, but this one is different. She snuggles into donut position for a good snooze, both for nap time and at night. So cozy, great buy.

Why FluffyNap™ Is The First Choice For Dog Owners?

We approach the craft of dog products designing innovative and high-quality pieces of comfort with our four legged friends in mind.

We believe our dogs deserve something different, something better!

Premium Products designed in Italy
Innovation paired with Comfort
Long-lasting Happiness

Why FluffyNap™ Is Backed By Conscious Dog Owners?

Our goal was to solve the problems we faced as consumers. We were tired to buy average, not lasting and bad looking dog products.

We are on a mission to spread high quality comfort through innovation all over the world!

Our Dog-Tested Process you
can : trust


Our experts analyse the Market and our Customer’s Needs


We design Innovative Solutions with Comfort in mind from our offices


We source the highest quality materials


The Ambassadors test the products, if comfy enough, we move to the next step


We iterate the process to improve the products


We produce our Products and launch them exclusively on our website


Conscious dog owners enjoy their pieces of comfort with their dogs

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